Why online food ordering is convenient in Freedomcart.com?

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Do you know how to cook? Do you want to taste new dishes? You have the most wonderful option, ‘Freedomcart.com’.

All you need to do is just shout out Freedomcart.com with loads of love! We will deliver the tasty food at your doorsteps.

Stop hunting for menus, calling the same old restaurants, waiting in queue etc. Freedomcart.com brings you a choice to select the best food from best providers of your area in Nellore. You can order through mobile, or you can place your order in our instant chat.


The best thing that freedomcart.com provides you is, we will be in contact with you through the instant messaging app, Whatsapp. We can proudly say that ‘Freedomcart.com’ is the first online food ordering site to serve the food by taking orders from Whatsapp’.

The major benefit of ordering food through our Freedomcart.com is, you can choose multiple restaurant items in single order. The order will be delivered to your doorsteps.

Freedomcart.com provides you free shipping facility for those customers who will buy more than Rs 399 and above. Freedomcart.com also provides you the ‘Cash on Delivery’ offer, which helps you to trust our service. 

Freedomcart.com – The best place to order food items!!! 

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