D.N NATURAL PHARMS Organic Molagolukulu Rice 2 kgs

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Product description

Natural Farming Rice :

Produced in natural cultivation process using desi cow dung and urine in the form of jeawamritham and other natural materials. With the soil strength this rice is naturally energetic and also free from chemical fertilizers and chemical festicides residues.

Nutritional Information per 100 gms

Energy                                  : 346 kcal

Protien                                 :  7.5gm

Carbohydrate                     : 76.7gm

Fat                                        : 1.09 gm

Calcium                                : 10 mg

Phosphorus                         : 190 mg

Iron                                       : 3.2 mg

Potassium                           : 100 mg

Magnesium                         : 65 mg

Minerals                              : 0.9 mg

Thiamine B1                       : 0.45 mg

Riboflavin B2                      : 0.05 mg

Niacin B3                            :  4.1 mg

Cooking process :

Clean the rice free form dust

Soak the rice two to three hours with water

Pour 3 to 31/2 times with water

For thirty to forty minutes cook it in sim gently until it get soft.

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