Oleev Pomace Olive Oil 1 Lt ( Buy 1 Get1 )

-51 % Out Of Stock Oleev Pomace Olive Oil 1 Lt ( Buy 1 Get1 )

Oleev Pomace Olive Oil 1 Lit ( Buy 1 Get1 )

Processed with an extremely high quality refining technique, Oleev Pomace Oil has a neutral flavour and is the perfect choice for all types of cooking.

It has a high smoke point which makes it ideal for deep frying and is rich in nutrients like Vitamin E & K, providing a healthy diet to suit a healthy lifestyle.

  • Enriched with MUFA and essential vitamins, it strengthens the body with good fat and lowers the effects of bad cholesterol.
  • MUFA promotes heart health and prevents high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Vitamin E in Oleev Pomace shields the body from infections and helps in healing tissues.
  • With Vitamin K, Oleev Pomace improves bone density and strength.

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